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Sandstone Boulders Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls of Sandstone Boulders create an Authentic Natural Landscape

Random BouldersSandstone Boulders are cut at the quarry and available in various sizes for garden landscaping, feature walls and and sub-divisional retaining walls.



Random Boulders are sold in Bulk by truck and quad: approximately 29 - 30 tonne; or truck load only 10 tonne

• Full load is approximately 24 lineal meter wall at one metre high.

• 10 tonne of Random Boulders is approximately 9 lineal meter wall at one metre high.

Sizes available: 600-800mm (approx) - 300-600mm (approx) - up to 300mm (approx - man hand able 1 and 2 man lift)

NOTE: Please advise us what your machine maximum lifting capacity is.

Helidon Sandstone's stunning blocks and boulders will add significant value to your next project!

Disclaimer - As with all natural materials variability in colour, texture and composition can be expected


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Premium Australian Sandstone Provides Stablity, is Timeless, Looks Great!

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